Glamour Puss

4 Oct

Usually i’m obsessed with one item
but today, im obsessed with this ENTIRE OUTFIT!

And these shoes.. my Buddha… these SHOES!!!


Yes Sir.. I am a Glamour Puss!

SKIN: Belleza– Jesse in Deep Tan (group gift.. TY Tricky!!)
HAIR: Truth – Luna in Cocoa
TOP: Armidi – Kongo Chain Shirt in Gold
SKIRT: Zaara– Larin Skirt in Copper Rust
LINGERIE: Wanderer The Wind– Lingerie ver23 in Brown
(in shoe pic)
NECKLACE: Zaara– Karmuka in Wood Gold
BANGLES: Zaara– Pallav Amber Bracelets
SHOES: Anexx – Ribbon Belt Pumps in Brown
POSES: Vain Inc and Slash Me Poses


Kylie Minogue – Love at First Sight
Dedicated to the new Larin skirt from Zaara!
(i’m sick..i know!)

And everything went from wrong to right
And the stars came out to fill up the sky
The music you were playing really blew my mind
It was love at first sight
‘Cause baby when I heard you
For the first time I knew
We were meant to be as one


I’ve been obsessing and waiting patiently for this new skirt form Zaara to be released. I went in Sat morning, just to see if it could possibly be out and i seriously squealed in all sorts of delight when i saw it on the new release wall!! I snatched it up quicker then i could let out an exhale of breath. Of course i bought the fat pack.. trust me on this ladies. BUY FAT PACKs, not only do you save Ls, but come on, you know you’ll want all the colors as soon as you see these amazing skirts. I immediately went home and figured out what shoe/top/hair/accessories combo i could put together so show im obvious love for this beautiful…. BEAUTIFUL skirt! So i came up with this look! Now usually, i’m obsessed with one thing in every outfit but today, honestly… i’m in love with it ALL! This entire look has got to be one of my favorites, so much so that i’ll be wearing it later when im on the Dating Casino game show! Lol, i’ll post up my soon to be embarrassing SL moment later…i can’t wait! I have friends who’ve been on the show and they all tell me its one of the best experiences they’ve had inworld.

*sighs* My Buddha.. i’m so in love with this look right now!


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