HOT BOY ALERT #4 – Nazz Lane

30 Sep

People tend to think i meet a ton of guys all the time. And it’s simply not true, if anything it’s rare. I was attending a Flash Fiction workshop at Hemingways when i ran into Nazz. There weren’t many seats available so i asked casually to perch on the arm of his chair. We started talking and i realized..
1. this guy is massively intelligent
2. his pixels are yum!
I immediatly (ok maybe like 30 mins later) asked him to be one of my hotboys. It turns out Nazz and I know some of the same people, but have never ran into each other until well… now! He’s also interviewed Bakersfield (Hot Boy #2), and is in the midst of a meta-novel now. Read on and learn more about this yummie guy!

[16:58] Bubbles Komachi: So obviously I’m gonna ask the most girlish questions first … What kind of girls do you like?
[16:59] Nazz Lane: I like women who display charm, wit and intelligence and who also have a classic style about them. Sophisticated yes, but simple and elegant.
[17:00] Bubbles Komachi: can you give me an example of what a woman can do you get your attention?
[17:01] Nazz Lane: By the way they say hello, that in there hello it’s not about them and they express an interest in getting to know who I am. So flirty yes …but with charm and wit.
[17:01] Bubbles Komachi: So who are you Nazz? Obviously we’ve only spoken once before, and from what my friends tell me, you’re incredible. Tell me something about you and the projects you’re working on now?
[17:02] Nazz Lane: I’m a freelance journalist and author. I’m also an author having written five chapters published in SL a serial novel.
[17:03] Bubbles Komachi: So I’ve heard about your novel and that you’re releasing one chapter at a time on think book. What’s it called and what’s it about?
[17:04] Nazz Lane: The book is about second life and our first lives .. how they merge together to become one reality. The main character is Jeffrey Goff aka Jeffrey Stone an attorney from Chicago. He’d recently gotten divorced and was lonely, he found second life came in an became a resident.
[17:06] Bubbles Komachi: How does his experiences mirror your own here in SL?
[17:06] Nazz Lane: He meets a mentor in the first chapter … one who teaches him about SL … but she leaves. Well, I think the way I’ve written it that it mirrors all of our experiences somewhat. We rezz in as strangers in a strange land
[17:07] Bubbles Komachi: mmhmm
[17:07] Nazz Lane: we often find someone who helps us adjust, and then we began to socialize. Learn and grow as we live virtually, then after some point .. the reality becomes mixed … real and virtual
[17:08] Nazz Lane: blending together
[17:08] Bubbles Komachi: right, so how many chapters do you have planned or are you playing it by ear?
[17:09] Nazz Lane: In my mind i have twelve chapters, so five done, six is underway, and ideas for chapters 7 thru 12
[17:10] Bubbles Komachi: thinking of penning any other books?
[17:11] Nazz Lane: I do, yes. I’ve been working on characters for another serial novel. I’ve become quite engaged with the idea of flash fiction. It seems to fit this environment well.. short and intense, much like what we experience in second life
[17:12] Bubbles Komachi: so if someone wanted to pick up any of your writings, where can they go?
[17:12] Nazz Lane: right now they’d have to IM me … I’m in between locations, but i am looking to put Lane’s List on the map somewhere on the grid
[17:13] Bubbles Komachi: since I’m nosey.. can you tell me the worse SL experience you’ve ever had… concerning a girl?
[17:14] Nazz Lane: hmmmm … laughs

[17:14] Bubbles Komachi: come on! That laughs means there have been many!
[17:14] Nazz Lane: laughs harder. The worse … getting rejected. I came in second place and it hurt
[17:15] Bubbles Komachi: ugh oh, so does this mean you do secondlife relationships?
[17:16] Nazz Lane: I’ve had a long lasting friendship with someone who had been very special in my life … we are the very best of friends and we like to say best friends forever. I did date early in my second life
[17:17] Bubbles Komachi: so evasive Nazz! Do you believe in SL transcending into RL?
[17:17] Nazz Lane: so many pretty women in second life its hard for a man not to lol. I’ve heard of love in sl move to love in rl and i’ve seen where it’s worked and where it hasn’t. I suppose that’s also true in real life … sometimes it works out and others not, in a relationship ..its two people and they both have to work at it together
[17:20] Bubbles Komachi: so.. you wouldn’t take something in SL and push it towards RL or is it strictly SL only for you?
[17:21] Nazz Lane: my relationships here are strictly friendship … and yes i consider several people I’ve met here as friends both here and in real life
[17:22] Bubbles Komachi: so that would lead us to the ultimate question i suppose? Are you available Nazz? for dating that is!
[17:22] Nazz Lane: smiles … sorry no
[17:22] Bubbles Komachi: i think i just heard a few readers groan! lol
[17:22] Nazz Lane: smiles
[17:23] Bubbles Komachi: so last question.. how does what you want from SL when you first started.. differ from what you want from it now that you’ve become a seasoned hand?
[17:24] Nazz Lane: well at first i wasn’t sure what to expect in sl .. i do know that i wanted to explore it interesting people learn from them and share what i know, and i suppose that hasn’t changed too much for me … the how i’m goin about it has. The writing and as a journalist
[17:24] Bubbles Komachi: oh i meant to ask.. what’s your favorite mens store in sl?
[17:25] Nazz Lane: SF Designs.. she has a great set of suits and the best sport coats in sl
[17:25] Bubbles Komachi: awesome thanks Nazz!
[17:25] Nazz Lane: :))


Intelligence = massively sexy!


3 Responses to “HOT BOY ALERT #4 – Nazz Lane”

  1. silver milneaux November 5, 2009 at 7:38 am #

    cool interviews 🙂

  2. Nazz Lane December 3, 2009 at 2:48 pm #

    As sexy as my RL image. smiles.

    UPDATE! Since this interview, I am now in a wonderful relationship with my female alt 🙂

    • Bubbles Komachi December 3, 2009 at 10:20 pm #

      ouch Nazz! So none of the girls have a chance now? Simply a tease you are sir!

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