What’s with the BEGGIN’?!?

28 Sep

Seriously… what’s with the begging in groups these days? I’m running around SL tonight trying to put a look together, talk to friends and TP into the skin fair when i get this in my Bebae group..

*all names have been changed but im sure this kid as so many Avi’s it wouldn’t matter anyhoo!
(Also.. i couldn’t get in touch with some of the people in teh chat to ask if it was ok to post thier full names, if you want your full name posted, jsut shoot me an IM and i will!)

[2009/09/28 3:01] Ibeg onSL*: I’m so sorry to beg you all, but you have no idea how much I need to pay for my rent. I bought too much things and I can’t pay it. I wish I could buy Ls, but I am in way too much debt in RL. Please, I am begging. SOmeone help me please!

so i’m sitting there going… REALLY…. REALLY????
So i impart my own incredibly wise observations on the matter..

[2009/09/28 3:02] Me: you know.. SL is the one place its ok to be homeless in.. thats all!
[2009/09/28 3:02] munky Aristocrat: LOL
[2009/09/28 3:02] munky Aristocrat: yeaaa!
[2009/09/28 3:02] munky Aristocrat: im homeless
[2009/09/28 3:02] L B: yes u could join a hobo group πŸ™‚ maybe somebody shares his cardbordbox with u
[2009/09/28 3:02] munky Aristocrat: but a FASHIONABLE ONE @ THAT! πŸ˜›
[2009/09/28 3:02] munky Aristocrat: lol
[2009/09/28 3:03] Me: im saying! cardboard and a sandbox!! maybe some flowers
[2009/09/28 3:03] munky Aristocrat: LMAO
[2009/09/28 3:03] L B: hahah
[2009/09/28 3:03] Me: thats right.. for 5 months i was a fashionable ass homless chick!
[2009/09/28 3:04] Me: i used to change in infohubs..gave the noobs a show, sometimes i shook my tits.. but its gravy!
[2009/09/28 3:04] L B: its not bad to be homeless. seriously. it has lots of good things. first one is you dont need money for rent and second one is you dont need to be pathetic and ask ppl for money to pay ur rent

Ok… so silence from the begger and i’m thinking..maybe they feel bad enough… then i get this in my andBEAN group…

[3:15] Ibeg onSL*: I’m so sorry to beg you all, but you have no idea how much I need to pay for my rent. I bought too much things and I can’t pay it. I wish I could buy Ls, but I am in way too much debt in RL. Please, I am begging. SOmeone help me please!

o.O REALLY?? again… REALLY! Oh but it doesnt stop there, it gets even funnier. I had to post some of the chat because.. well.. i was seriously cracking up hard!

[3:15] G S: Shame, shoulda watched your money then.
[3:15] a B: if u cant afford it u dont need it
[3:15] Me: oomg..she’s posting this in this group too??
[3:16] Ibeg onSL*: Please someone help me
[3:16] G S: lol every group
[3:16] T T: Oh, come on! Tell us, how much have you collected so far?
[3:16] a B: in every dam group
[3:16] G S: none i hope
[3:16] Ibeg onSL*: SL is my life, I can’t live without it
[3:16] Ibeg onSL*: Please help me
[3:16] G S: Lol
[3:16] Naraza Nightfire: O_O
[3:16] Me: umm.. intervention anyone?
[3:16] a B: lmao that made me laugh
[3:16] Ibeg onSL*: Please please
[3:16] Naraza Nightfire: lol
[3:16] T B: and you’re begging on your alt? at least have the balls to do it on your main account
[3:16] G S: You dont need to pay to be in sl. you can play SL and not have land, you shoulda thought about that when you bought stuff you couldnt afford
[3:17] J F: She is awfully new to SL to be addicted already.
[3:17] Naraza Nightfire: mmm hmmm
[3:17] Ibeg onSL*: Please
[3:17] G S: lol get a grip
[3:17] T T: maybe her mental institution gave her a day off
[3:17] D M: SL is a luxury, not a necessity… now stop spamming
[3:17] Ibeg onSL*: Pleaseeeeee
[3:18] Me: o.O
[3:18] Me: i feel the need.. to blog this!
[3:18] Naraza Nightfire: hahahaha
[3:18] Me runs off to wordpress.com
[3:18] T T: Yay!
[3:18] Noir Vespucciano: ooooh, why dont you try to sell your pixelated liver or any other organs?
[3:19] eKitten Magic: you’ve got all the resources at your fingertips, — in the time you’ve spent spamming groups, you could’ve made something and put it on SLX.
[3:19] Ibeg onSL*: please help me
[3:19] Ibeg onSL*: Please
[3:19] a B: lmao
[3:19] Me: nah noir..blackmarket dosnt pay for those.. maybe pixel penis would bring in some cool cash..unless it was all slutty n stuff..no one wants a slutty penis
[3:19] A M: it’s a freakin pixelated house, you’ll live without it
[3:20] Noir Vespucciano: mmmm, *nods* especially a second hand one
[3:20] A M: plus you’ve been sitting there for at least 12 hours doing this, because i saw these messages earlier before i went to sleep, if you can sit on your ass spamming tht long, you can get a job in this spare time
[3:20] eKitten Magic: if you’re having to beg for money, then it’s obvious you aren’t using SL to it’s full potential.
[3:20] Me: i realize we all need some privacy for the pixel sex.. but you know.. you can run to a sandbox and throw a prim like 600meters up and sex there.. not that i’ve done it. it just seems obvious
[3:21] Me wiggles eyebrows
[3:21] Noir Vespucciano: XDDDDD
[3:21] Naraza Nightfire: LMAO
[3:21] Me: when you are poor.. you get creative.. thats all! i’m just saying!
[3:22] Noir Vespucciano: or if youre taht desperate, go for the pixelated prostitution
[3:22] a B: lol hey i have a house and ive still done that πŸ˜›
[3:22] Me: i wonder which gorup she’ll hit up next.. i got 1L its gonna be Tuli’s
[3:23] eKitten Magic: well she just did the CP-Switch News
[3:23] a B: she done surf co and mia sofia
[3:23] Me: she did bebae earlier
[3:23] Naraza Nightfire: it’s actually a guy XD
[3:23] a B: lmao what ever it is
[3:24] a B: it needs help
[3:24] eKitten Magic: *alt name*, that’s the name she/he was using before πŸ™‚
[3:24] Naraza Nightfire: so true πŸ˜›
[3:24] Me: its a guy! oooh then you can be a pixel ho then! all the escorts are men anyway
[3:24] Naraza Nightfire: HAHAHA
[3:24] Noir Vespucciano: did he joined, beg, then quits, and joins another group?


Long winded? Maybe.. but i couldnt help myself, i was enjoying it. First off, i WORK HARD for my Ls, when i used to DJ i carried a lot of shifts and works for my pay and tips. Now all i do is blog and i admit, i get more outgoing then incoming..and at the end of the month i maybe have like 4Ls to my name, but i don’t beg like that!

I wonder how much money they’ve made thus far… Well..whoever it was, maybe he got enough Ls to pay for his property, i havent seen him posting lately!


One Response to “What’s with the BEGGIN’?!?”

  1. Ashe Anthony September 28, 2009 at 12:24 pm #

    I totally agree with you, I think that it’s very sad, and so annoying.
    I had to deal with a similar person spamming the I heart the Starlust group yesterday. And also, this person said the exact same things as the beggar here did, but they started talking about how they would be a loser if they lose their house. Ugh.

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