HOT BOY ALERT #3 – Jericho Macalroy

23 Sep

It’s been too long since i did a Hot Boy interview! I’ve been lagging on finding boys, but I honestly am a bit of a snob. I don’t just want some pretty pixels, i want brains, humour sensuality.. i want it all! Of course you can’t expect to know all that about a guy at first glance hmmm? Luckly i know some pretty awesome guys.

I first met Jericho at Obscure Reality, and swear I always thought he was unapproachable. If i could use just 6 words to describe Jeri.. i’d have to say “Sexy Southerner with Big City Attitude” He’s got that down home sweetheart mixed with such raw sexuality you know he wont hesitate to pick you up and throw you on the bed and go primal on a girl!

Ugh… i think i just turned myself on!
(oh and his pixels… MAJOR HOTNESS!)

[17:51] Bubbles Komachi: alrighty Jeri, tell me..what kinda girls do you dig?
[17:53] Jericho Macalroy: Physically? A woman that has a body … arms, hips that I can actually get a hold of. And hair, none of that short-cropped boy hair. Mentally, open minded in all things … politics, food, religion, sex.
[17:54] Bubbles Komachi: not into the waif super thin girls?
[17:55] Jericho Macalroy: Not at all. If I can see straight lines on their bodies I just … nope nope nope.
[17:55] Bubbles Komachi: rofl, so what a girl have to do to get your attenion?
[18:00] Jericho Macalroy: My attention really isn’t that hard to get for the right person. If I catch a tousled flop of hair … a glimpse of smoldering eyes against my own. If she is not someone I would usually be interested in then it is going to be even harder obviously. But it never ever hurts to just come right up and take a seat really close either and just say “Hi.”
[18:02] Bubbles Komachi: so what puts you off, what can a girl do to really turn you off and cold
[18:03] Jericho Macalroy: Honestly, the fastest and most surefire way is to put a cigarette in her mouth. It’s over at that point and there is no hope. Aside from that any kind of display of being unnecessarily rude … bitchy … snarky. ”
[18:04] Jericho Macalroy: What I mean by that … If I am sitting in a restaurant, watching you across the distance and a waitress comes up after messing up the food or something that, in the grand scheme of things, is meaningless. She is working hard, trying to correct and you just won’t let it go and act all superior, haughty … then yeah … that would put me off.
[18:06] Bubbles Komachi: bitchy? so does that mean i wouldn’t catch your attention? lol
[18:06] Jericho Macalroy: But you already have my attention so no need to worry
[18:07] Bubbles Komachi: i do?! is it because I’m so completely innocent?
[18:08] Jericho Macalroy: It is because you have an individual streak a mile wide. You stand up when you think you are not being treated correctly. And then the voice … yeah the voice is a bonus.
[18:08] Bubbles Komachi: boy you’re going to make me blush! Ok guy secret! what is the one thing you wish girls would do more in the bedroom?
[18:10] Jericho Macalroy: Correct mistakes. If it isn’t working then just put a stop to it. Let’s all work together as a team and get this thing done correctly. LOLOL
[18:10] Bubbles Komachi: you gotta give me an example! how will us girls learn!

[18:10] Jericho Macalroy: Don’t just endure something that is feeling uncomfortable. I .. he … we would, normally, much rather have rockets going off in your head than worry about a blow to the ego.
[18:13] Jericho Macalroy: When you want it, need it a little rougher don’t be worried to ask, to beg to be spanked. And the opposite is true .. if you want soft then say so. it is great for him to know … but, sometimes, he is kinda stupid.
[18:13] Bubbles Komachi: so a man finally admits he can be stupid at times?? sound the bells! we have a break through!
[18:14] Jericho Macalroy raises his hand. “Sometimes I am absolutely brilliant … but other times … dumb as a stupid rock. Not just an ordinary rock.
[18:14] Bubbles Komachi: so tell me, perfect night for you consists of what? and I’m giving you free range on everything from dress, settings and activities….
[18:16] Jericho Macalroy: That is a hard one. It would start with a home cooked meal, definitely.
[18:18] Jericho Macalroy: The dress is something of a mix. If you threw on a skirt right now, not too long, but not obscenely short, what you have would be perfect. A nice sweater or a button down shirt with a few of the top ones undone. Alluring but not .. hey look at these, wanna motorboat ’em.
[18:19] Bubbles Komachi: lol!
[18:20] Jericho Macalroy: And the perfect evening would consist of leaving the house just long enough to let you be seen. There are primal, hunter gather forces at work there I think. Not treating you like property or a trophy but you still need to be shown to other males in the pack … so to speak.
[18:20] Bubbles Komachi: basically the mentality of “this is what i have and no I’m not sharing”?
[18:21] Jericho Macalroy: And then back home … a comfy couch or a big blanket outside …watching some nice, funny movie … or looking up at the sky. Well sharing is an option to be left open for the right circumstances.
[18:21] Bubbles Komachi: oooh! that brings to mind another question but i’ll let you finish your perfect evening scenario
[18:23] Jericho Macalroy: Well, at some point cuddling becomes heavy petting gives way to full on clothes tearing off.
[18:24] Bubbles Komachi: option to be left open. threesomes.. yes or no?
[18:24] Jericho Macalroy: Yes
[18:26] Bubbles Komachi: girl-girl-guy as well as guy-guy-girl?
[18:26] Jericho Macalroy: Certainly. I don’t mind that at all.
[18:27] Jericho Macalroy: the devil’s sandwich is okay by me
[18:27] Bubbles Komachi: really! wow, who knew you were such a freak jeri! is that what they call it the devil’s sandwich? What would an angel one be.. hmmm
[18:28] Jericho Macalroy: I came up with one after I heard the devil one from Tamar but I can’t remember it now .
[18:29] Bubbles Komachi: lol. so if a girl was reading this and swooning all hardcore for you. how available can we say you are?
[18:32] Jericho Macalroy: Well on here it’s all a matter of how good they are at finding me. RL though I am all kinds of wondrously married.
[18:32] Bubbles Komachi: awesome thank you Jeri!


Very Sweet and Fuck-Worthy!


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