Michael Jackson <3

21 Sep

All things Michael!


A tribute to one of the greatest
Musical Acts of my lifetime

HAIR: Fri.Day – Leigh in Timid Brown
TOP: Michael Jackson # 1 t-shirt – Freebie
VEST: Aoharu – Leather Riders Vest in Red
PANTS: Armidi – Kogo Skinny Pants in Charcoal
GLOVES: YV – Vivien Ring Gloves
EARRINGS: Spice & Sugar – GOLD LOVE Pierce
HEADPHONES: Gritty Kitty – Studio Headphones
SHOES: Kookie – Yuki Sock Supreme Heel in Ink Black
CUFFS: Mandala – Reiki Bracelet in Black Diamond


Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel
You can’t believe how hard it was
to just pick one MJ song..
but i LOVE this one most especially!!

Hey pretty baby with the
High heels on
You give me fever
Like Ive never, ever known
Youre just a product of
I like the groove of
Your walk,
Your talk, your dress
I feel your fever
From miles around
Ill pick you up in my car and well paint the town
Just kiss me baby
And tell me twice
That youre the one for me

I finally caught the MTV VMA’s tonight, i was really watching for this over-hyped Kanye being a douche thing everyone is talking about. What I didn’t expect, was the speech from Madonna in the beginning and the tribute performance to him, during Madonna’s talk, I was seriously bawling. Call it delayed reaction, I felt incredibly sad during his death mostly because.. well his death was on my birthday! Maybe it’s the realization that this incredible performer is no longer with us. I’ve adored MJ ever since i was young; when my sibs and i would try to moon walk across our carpet (yea that cant be done) we used to stay up to watch his video premiers on MTV and begged our parents to see him in concert whenever he was in town.
We never did get to see him live, but sometimes, just watching those vids were enough.

I’m not sure what made it all real for me, maybe it was the part where Janet came out and did her dance to scream with her brother’s image in the background. How incredibly hard it all must have been and all still is for Janet and the rest of the Jackson’s. I have no idea why im rambling, but after i saw it all, i came online immediately and started to put together my “tribute” outfit to Micheal.

It’s very Michael yet updated and girlyfied! I kept the red leather jacket, but opted for the leather vest from Aoharu. Skin tight pants, black heels with white socks, i found this freebie Michael shirt at one of the many tribute sims on the grid. I used black gloves instead of white..mosty because i felt like HE was the only one in my eyes who could justify one white glove!

You are love and dearly missed Michael <33


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