Bad Girls On A Field Trip

5 Sep

View On Black
Left 2 Right:
Pink – Mexican Goddess of Sex and Orgies
Me – Fallen Angel
Syn – Godmother of all Sin and Debauchery

A few days ago i logged in frustrated and pissed about something, i was with Syn when i was going off and Pink was out shopping and in IMs with us, suddenly she goes goes “i found the perfect dress for you” what she sent me was this yummy short hoodie dress (From Sassy Kitties Designs) that says FUCK OFF in nice symbols of course! She bought one for Syn as well and next thing you know, we’re off on a field trip to look for girly poses to take pics in. We stumbled around a few different shops and somehow fell into this underwater pit thing at Lost Angels.. and found this cute stoop, we all just popped on and snapped a few pictures since the stoop wasn’t for sale.

Spending time and arguing with the girls as well as Harle about my west-coast taste in pizza and hot dogs took my mind off of my frustrations, it worked so well I’m trying to remember WHY i was frustrated in the first place..and umm.. cant figure it out.
*shrugs* ooh well

Just a quick post cus I lovers my firends, i’ll do a full fashion one later!

Rihanna – Bad Girl

Guess you know I’m B–aaa-aaa-aaad,
(I got a problem)
Shopaholics why they call ’em my addiction,
my prescription,
Gimme shoes and give me bags,
how much you want I need ’em bad,
All them girls be checking my bags,
buy it they be wanting my swag,
I guess you know I’m B–aaa-aaa-aaad,


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