HOT BOY ALERT #2 – Bakersfield Kidd

26 Aug

How did a bloody, bruised, beat up looking mofo with a “missing” eye, crazy James Dean-esq hair, smoldering stare and a “do i look like i give a fuck?” attitude ever make it to my HOT BOY list?

One word… SWAGGER!
Bakersfield impressed me from the first moment i heard him speak at a poetry reading. Not only is he incredibly crazy, outspoken and never censors himself, he’s also an accomplished poet and writer. The first piece I ever heard from him, literally made me say
“oooh HELL YEA! I’m writing a response to that”
That kind of excitment made me put him on this list. It’s so rare when you genuinely get excited about a person, their life and stories. I finally got my interview with Bakers, and i was literally cracking up the entire time. You’ll see why!

I always intend these interviews to be short, but damn it, i always get carried away in conversations!

[22:10] Bubbles Komachi: so tell me.. what kinda girls do you dig?
[22:10] Bakersfield Kidd: um.. hmmm? hahaha, wow that is a chick question
[22:10] Bakersfield Kidd: Aah!!!
[22:11] Bakersfield Kidd: shit
[22:11] Bakersfield Kidd: um….
[22:13] Bubbles Komachi: answer me man!
[22:15] Bakersfield Kidd: um, i dig chicks with good posture, and by good posture i mean, chicks that aren’t bend over and walking like primates. i generally go for girls without all lower case first names, or numbers in the names. and, its cool if they talk to me, but.. its not a requirement
[22:15] Bubbles Komachi: lol, that’s it? that’s what you look for?
[22:17] Bakersfield Kidd: oh, no..
[22:17] Bakersfield Kidd: also..
[22:17] Bakersfield Kidd: a boob slider number higher than 80
[22:18] Bubbles Komachi looks down
[22:18] Bubbles Komachi: fuck I’m at like 60
[22:18] Bakersfield Kidd: B.S. no way those aren’t more than 40’s
[22:19] Bubbles Komachi: these are not 40! fuck you lol
[22:19] Bubbles Komachi: do you the SL relationship thing?
[22:19] Bakersfield Kidd: hahaha no.. no.. and hell no. You know i really harp on this actually but… i just don’t see why, like, really don’t see why people here take SL so serious that it causes them mental and emotional anguish in rl and drama
[22:20] Bubbles Komachi: you harp on it? lemme hear your beef with it! bring it
[22:20] Bakersfield Kidd: ok… here it is-‘It’s a fucking video game!’ ~BK
[22:21] Bubbles Komachi: so wait.. does that mean, you’ve never met anyone on here you wanna chill with RL?
[22:22] Bakersfield Kidd: no I’ve met a couple actually, and made some good friends in RL as well. But, ok, its one thing to .. alright alright.. hang on, i was having this EXACT conversation last night.. lemme paraphrase from that.
[22:22] Bubbles Komachi: mmhmm
[22:24] Bakersfield Kidd: so lets say some dude, so i guess this is a guys perspective, but lets say some dude, that I’ve known on here for a long, you know, someone i consider a friend IM’s me later and is like.. “yea man, I met this chick, we were talking, things were going so great, we laughed, we hung out, we got pretty intimate with each other, i really thought we had something, man”
[22:24] Bakersfield Kidd: …” man she and i broke up today.”
[22:25] Bakersfield Kidd: I’m gunna be thinking “oh shit, son… that sucks, big dog. What’s the quatro-uno-uno on this hunny, son? was she weird? you know, imma gunan try and offer some type of support.
[22:25] Bubbles Komachi: lol.. right
[22:26] Bakersfield Kidd: but then if he tells me that this is some chick from SL, someone he’s never met, someone i find out lives across the fucking EARTH from this dude and he prolly NEVER had a chance of meeting her, if I find out that’s the case I’m prolly gunna be like
[22:26] Bakersfield Kidd: -___- and stop talking
[22:27] Bubbles Komachi: lol, so hold up, you’ve NEVER been in that position of meeting a girl that made you all twisted inside like that?
[22:27] Bakersfield Kidd: not cause I wanna be a dick, but cmon. if yer getting to know someone here, and you click that much.. if its not RL.. i mean, that doesn’t seem silly to you?
[22:28] Bubbles Komachi: maybe, but people have met online before, not just SL
[22:28] Bakersfield Kidd: yea but, once I figured out I liked that person, it was like.. well, I’m not gunna have an e-relationship and pretend that just being on the opposite sides of the screen if fulfilling when its not, I’m going to make an effort to meet that person; not pretend over SL
[22:30] Bakersfield Kidd: I’m not talking about people that HAVE met and are really together.. I’m talking about ones that get SO bent over SL… but it was something that just existed in SL… O_O

[22:30] Bubbles Komachi: so what do you think of people who are married in RL and having relationships ..sexual or emotional on SL?
[22:30] Bakersfield Kidd: you know, if I’m going to be completely honest about that next question.. its only to say this..
[22:31] Bakersfield Kidd: I can see how SL can be erotic, I’m not ashamed to say so. Its funny, still.. as a fact, but, I understand it
[22:33] Bakersfield Kidd: so, I can see how people could get the same thrill they have watching say like, porn and masturbating, as being here, but, to ask that is to ask if cheating is cheating? and if the answer is yes, which I prolly will be with most everyone then.. you have set parameters for yourself as to, what is cheating.. i guess.. ha, I’m not gunna sit here like I know anything for sure or that I’m even right but…. you have to decide for yourself. I’m not here to judge anyone for what they do
[22:33] Bubbles Komachi: so would you ever take up with a married woman on SL? knowing there can never be an RL?
[22:35] Bakersfield Kidd: as to would I ever do it? ill be honest again and say.. who the fuck really knows? lol
[22:35] Bubbles Komachi: lol, you’re gangster Bakers, did i ever tell you that?
[22:35] Bakersfield Kidd: lawl
[22:36] Bubbles Komachi: so what’s the weirdest/dirtiest thing you’ve ever seen on sl?
[22:37] Bakersfield Kidd: oh Jesus….. O_O
[22:37] Bubbles Komachi: spill it!
[22:37] Bakersfield Kidd: other people fucking scare me more than anything in the world
[22:38] Bakersfield Kidd: really… people are sick. I’m sick and twisted sometimes, I’m defiantly a kinky freak but SHIT… are you kidding me…
[22:38] Bubbles Komachi: lol, give it up, now I’m really curious
[22:38] Bakersfield Kidd: i don’t really wanna go into what all I’ve seen, cause.. sometimes myself and the people I hang out with, that’s what we do for fun is see what kind of crazy shit we can find on sl. and then one sim will lead to another, we find a weird TP and BANG!
[22:39] Bakersfield Kidd: the worst thing you could ever think of… yea, someone is into it and somehow has a club/sim/’free room’ about it … most of the times its lulz.. but…. others… fuck people, man
[22:39] Bubbles Komachi: lol.. diplomatic answer, alright last question, let’s say a girl was reading this and she’s all sorts of into you, can we say you’re ‘single’ or are you kicking it with someone right now?
[22:43] Bakersfield Kidd: how about a blanket answer of “off the market” for whatever reasons….
[22:43] Bubbles Komachi: lol, GANGSTER!


NOTE: I double checked, my slider is at 54, but damn it,
that is NOT 40! also the 2nd picture,
im not girl in the background 😉


Bakers was telling me he digs Social D,
and i love them too (Mike Ness <333)
so i had to post up my favorite song from them

Social Distortion – I Was Wrong

Well, when I was younger, I was so full of fear
I hid behind anger, held back the tears
It was me against the world, I was sure that I’d win
But the world fought back, punished me for my sins
I felt so alone, so insecure,
I blamed you instead and made sure I was heard
And they tried to warn me of my evil ways
But I couldn’t hear what they had to say


2 Responses to “HOT BOY ALERT #2 – Bakersfield Kidd”

  1. Josue Habana August 27, 2009 at 3:15 pm #

    “i generally go for girls without all lower case first names, or numbers in the names”

    ROFL! I have that same prerequisite… wtf is with numbers and a lack of caps in names! Grrr.

    /me saunters away to grumble some more.

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