When your character is called into play.

21 Aug


I had an issue this week, where I’ve been accused of being extremely flirtatious, by someone who i thought would’ve known me better.  I stand by the fact that i don’t do it on purpose, and I’m just genuinely interested in someone because of who they are, not because i want  to jump in the sack with them!  I brought the topic up to my friends, and one had this to say:

[16:01]  Token Box: you know especially on here
[16:02]  Bubbles Komachi: i don’t think i flirt regardless
[16:02]  Bubbles Komachi: i think i get to know someone
[16:02]  Bubbles Komachi: that’s all
[16:02]  Token Box: seriously ask anyone you do that little voice thing
[16:02]  Token Box: then talk about cookin
[16:02]  Token Box: gets em everytime
[16:03]  Token Box: that dude wants to hit it and eat some curry
[16:03]  Bubbles Komachi dies
[16:03]  Bubbles Komachi: ooomg!!!

I adore Token (that’s my CUZZO!) and he’s not the type to give me bullshit, so I i can basically believe everything he says.   So now i wonder, what is the issue with meeting someone interesting and wanting to hear their words (or read..whatever) and actually pay attention to the conversation, is it called flirting because it’s SL?  Because everything in SL can be misconstrued to be something entirely different?   If i were to do it in RL, could i be seen differently?

My friend Fai told me.. that i flirt with everyone, boy or girl and it’s just a part of my fun personality where i joke around but never really mean it.   I asked my RL sister the same question earlier on our way to kickboxing class, she basically agreed with all my SL friends.  I’m just friendly and it can be mistaken for a greater interest, but generally I’m pretty harmless.   Now I’m thinking about this at 5am, and I’m wondering, if this part of my personality, what i always thought was fun and inviting…might be a bad thing? I’m naturally bubbly (hense the name) and what i am here, is the same as what i am RL. I dont have the imagination to develop an entirely new personality just to turn it off as soon as i log out. 

Could i act differently?  I feel as if i have to watch my words and how i say things now, a part of me which thinks..this virtual world is all fun for me and ..even though i dont take it seriously, could someone who does.. be that hurt by my words and actions?   Its wierd re-examining your personality.  I think i need sleep.



Etana – Warrior Love

Dem caan stop di way a feel for you
my love as no boundry
dem caan bully di way I feel
I fight for you
when you fight for me
dem caan stop di way
dem wish and
dem hope and
dem fight and
dem pray
dem caan stop dis worrior love


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