HOT BOY ALERT! – Huckleberry Hax

19 Aug

When I first thought about doing this section in my blog, i was racking my brain about who I’d want to be.. the first so to speak! It was Sunday evening and i rezzed into Blue Angel Poet’s dive to find the perfect man standing right next to me! Huckleberry Hax! Huck and i seem to run in the same SL groups, I’ve seen him at events, heard and read his work. I honestly do think he’s brilliant and have always appreciated his sense of style, and try as i might, i can’t NOT mention his voice. It’s incredible ladies!
Imagine a British accent so rich and smooth, and imagine him reading his work in your ear *shivers in excitement* I dont think SL could get any more perfect.
He’s a novelist, poet, romantic, sensible, down to earth… and well damn near perfect as far as this SL world goes!

So enough gushing for the boy! I honestly meant this first one to be short as all the HOT BOY ALERTS will be,
but with Huck, you just cant help getting carried away!
On to our conversation!


[16:28] Bubbles Komachi: Huck! I have to say, when I first saw you, i though you had a pretty great look, of course then i heard you speak I was absolutely smitten
[16:28] Huckleberry Hax: haha. A lot of people comment on my voice, I find it very odd, I hate the sound of my voice πŸ™‚
[16:29] Bubbles Komachi: *blinks* odd? you know your voice is like butter!
[16:29] Huckleberry Hax: yeah, but it’s just a English accent thing, right?
[16:30] Bubbles Komachi: I suppose, but speaking as an American girl, the accent, its pretty panty wetting! So what would you describe your style on SL to be?
[16:30] Huckleberry Hax: one of these days some guy with a really good British accent – I’m talking proper received pronunciation – is going to waste me lol. I actually don’t go shopping a great deal in SL, I only have a few outfits
[16:31] Bubbles Komachi: really? you always look so polish when i see you!
[16:31] Huckleberry Hax: jeans and sweater, with an untucked shirt lol. I like my look to be pretty unassuming, but neat all the same. The resident who created my body shape – Scarlett Rhea – introduced me to Hoorenbeek
[16:33] Huckleberry Hax: she designs custom shapes, focusing on natural
[16:33] Bubbles Komachi: i like that! Overly muscular shapes in SL.. kinda grosses me out! the same with the Amazon model shape! i like the real shapes and you carry it well.
[16:34] Huckleberry Hax: she has her own shop now – Harlot. yes, when she asked me what sort of shape I wanted, that was pretty much exactly what I said – not bodybuilder lol

[16:34] Bubbles Komachi: so here’s a question I know has been on the lips of almost every literary girl in SL.. Do you do SL relationships?
[16:34] Huckleberry Hax: oh, I have some very close friends in SL, and one extremely close friend
[16:35] Bubbles Komachi: how close?
[16:35] Huckleberry Hax chuckles, I’m not ‘on the market’, if that’s what you mean πŸ™‚
[16:36] Bubbles Komachi: *groans* i think my heart just broke!
[16:36] Huckleberry Hax: sorry!
[16:36] Bubbles Komachi: do you believe in SL relationships transcending into RL?
[16:36] Huckleberry Hax: Yes I do, but only in some cases
[16:36] Bubbles Komachi: how so?
[16:37] Huckleberry Hax: well, at one level it’s possible to keep SL in SL, if it’s by mutual (and early) agreement; but relationships that become very close in SL are hard to keep SL only
[16:38] Huckleberry Hax: even if you swap email addresses, that’s the relationship taken out of SL
[16:38] Bubbles Komachi: have you taken one out of the game and become “real” so to speak?
[16:38] Huckleberry Hax: I certainly have a number of friends who I now email. A few people know my RL identity, which I generally keep to myself
[16:39] Bubbles Komachi: speaking of that!! I know you’re an incredible writer, how many books do you have available on SL now?
[16:39] Huckleberry Hax: four books done, another on its way

[16:40] Bubbles Komachi: What are the titles and where do you get your inspiration for them?
[16:40] Huckleberry Hax:
[16:40] Huckleberry Hax: The first book I wrote is called AFK and it’s about SL relationships
[16:41] Bubbles Komachi: use any real people we might know about in there?
[16:41] Huckleberry Hax: no, I was relatively new to SL at the time, and fascinated in the relationships I was learning about, it was a very steep learning curve!
[16:43] Bubbles Komachi: lol! I’ve actually read parts of AFK when you first told me about it
[16:43] Huckleberry Hax: I know it’s the most popular of my books amongst Slers, they can relate to it, I suppose
[16:44] Bubbles Komachi: and the other 3?
[16:44] Huckleberry Hax: and then there’s ‘The Day is Full of Birds’, which is more of a science fiction sort of metaverse book and the last two are ‘Be right back’ and ‘Just so that you know’, which are the first and second parts of a story about someone who kills people they meet in SL
[16:45] Huckleberry Hax: and no, I haven’t done that either πŸ™‚

[16:45] Bubbles Komachi: kill as in RL kill?
[16:45] Huckleberry Hax: yes
[16:45] Bubbles Komachi inches away from you on the couch
[16:45] Huckleberry Hax: lol
[16:46] Bubbles Komachi: you’ve got a range to you Huck! so this 5th book, what is it about?
[16:46] Huckleberry Hax: well, the story is told from the perspective of the RLpolice guy who is trying to track the killer down. the fifth book I’m very excited about, it’s called ‘Beside an Open Window’
[16:47] Bubbles Komachi: plan on having a cute girl reporter character in there? perhaps someone named Bubbles?? *wiggles eyebrows*
[16:47] Huckleberry Hax: It’s set about 60 years into the future, where people get digital copies of their brain plugged in to the metaverse after they die
[16:47] Huckleberry Hax: lol, I’ll see what I can do πŸ˜‰
[16:47] Bubbles Komachi: lol! heart repaired! So when can we lookout for that last book?
[16:48] Huckleberry Hax: normally, I write my novels in a month(inspired by National Novel Writing month); this one I’m taking some time over… I started it in January and I’m currently at about 65,000 words. I reckon it should be done in another month or so. I usually read most of my work in SL once it’s done to get some feedback… probably in Milk Wood
[16:49] Bubbles Komachi: extremely girly question coming up.. are you ready??
[16:49] Huckleberry Hax: ok, ready for girliness
[16:49] Bubbles Komachi: What is your perfect SL date?
[16:49] Huckleberry Hax: πŸ™‚ well, for me, it’s all about the conversation, so a fast wit, a good general knowledge and a passion for something – doesn’t matter what, really – are the general prerequisites. the setting isn’t really important
[16:51] Bubbles Komachi: challenge, describe yourself in.. 6 words!
[16:52] Huckleberry Hax: 6 words… hmmmm
[16:53] Huckleberry Hax: ‘Two lives but one head, spinning’

[16:53] Bubbles Komachi: fantastic!
[16:53] Huckleberry Hax: πŸ™‚
[16:54] Bubbles Komachi: so if i were to sum you up Huck.. can I say you’re incredibly smart, fascinating, humble and very down to earth?
[16:55] Huckleberry Hax: I would be very satisfied with that description πŸ™‚
[16:55] Bubbles Komachi: and I’m sure a lot of girls are sad to learn that you aren’t on the market!
[16:55] Huckleberry Hax: sorry to disappoint!


Huck’s Skin is Redgrave,
his sweater is from Armidi
his shape is from Harlot by Scarlett Rhea

You can visit his site at

Thank you Huck for being my first interview!


6 Responses to “HOT BOY ALERT! – Huckleberry Hax”

  1. Lauren August 18, 2009 at 7:30 pm #

    You are so gaga over Huck

  2. House Ragu August 20, 2009 at 6:42 am #

    A picnic sounds great right now. Too bad it’s effing raining. I’m gonna have a picnic in my house complete with blanket, basket, sandwiches, and cat.

  3. jeff lowbeam August 21, 2009 at 2:17 pm #

    Way too cute.

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