Super GANGSTER!!!!

18 Aug

Detour – Frozen Eyes in Blue
simply AMAZING!



SKIN: Redgrave – Leona Tan in Ash
HAIR:TRUTH  – Willow in Seaspray
TOP: Luck Inc. –  The Hotness Bikini in Lucky (part of outfit)
JACKET: Bare Rose – Rolled Up Type B in Black
PANTS: League – Garage Jeans in Cool Blue
TATTOOS: EtchD – Tangleweed
ARM WARMERS: Action –  Sculpted Armwarmers in Black 
EARRINGS:  Spice&Sugar – GOLD LOVE Pierce
PIERCINGS: BOOM – Connect Me belly chain & No Mercy – Lip Piercing
SHOES: UBU – PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops


Wale feat. Lady Gaga – Chillin

Get em all, get em all, pack it all up
Stack up your funds like a million bucks
Across the pond, they all know us
International… Whoaaaa!
Driving my car to a foreign place
Lookin at me, now they know my face
We want it all now, we got all YESSSS
Look At That, Look at how they lookin at usss


Hot dang!  So I’ve finally gotten around to setting most of this site up as well as do new picture for my FIRST SUPER GANGSTER post.  I’ve told a few of my friends about the site and most of them just cracked up that i named it so.   So will this be yet another blog about SL fashion?  I thought about it, but honestly, i wanted to do more.  Probably why i felt so pigeoned holed while at Closet Divers.  I want this to be.. more or less, my musing on SL randomness, free-writes on anything i find interesting and even a interview with a few hot boys or two.   Of course I’ll still have fashion!   My style has been so casual lately, i will finally get a chance to blog some of the great formal dresses i have.

Wow, i ramble don’t I?  Get used to it, i ramble on a daily basis *winks*

Speaking of rambling,  I was at BLUE ANGEL POET’s DIVE earlier today, and while standing there talking with a group of friends and debating who were the bigger freaks… men or women.  I made a stance that men are more open and women tend to keep their freaky nature hidden.  Fair enough?   I got a chance to meet an incredible poet Persephone (owner of Blue Angel) brought into the game, being a brand new residence, he was basically clueless and i offered to make him over!  KEN DOLL!!!  I adore my KEN DOLLS!  So we’ll see how readily he is to give his body over to me.  Screw it, I’ll just take it!


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