16 Aug


*Face palms and feels incredibly ashamed*

Has it been that long since i blogged that i FORGOT MY OWN PASSWORD? It has and i shamefully had to click that “forgot your password” link and sat there trying to remember my email information for this account a good 10 minutes.

I know i just turned 29, but my memory CAN NOT be fading! *face palms once again*
So what have i been up to? JACK! Its seriously been such a long time i forgot why i stopped posted. I although.. kept buying clothes! I recently stopped working, and you’d think I’d have the time to post and blog and spout random shit in my own little space on the web. I’ve been out more then anything and enjoying my RL, some ways has lost all that luster and glow for me. I still come around for the incredible friends i have of course.

Did I tell you all about my new obsession?? Vive9!!! ADORE ADORE ADORE!!!! I want to marry BluAbyss Denimore, or at least partner her and have dirty naughty sex.. if i were a lesbian of course! *wiggles eyebrows at BluAbyss*


Today’s Addiction:
Vive9 Joy Skin and Negaposi Eyes


Today’s Look:
I’m Just a Girl

HAIR: TRUTH – Leah in Ivory
DRESS:  Armidi Gisaci – Aphrodite Cocktail Dress in Aqua Afrillia
BRACELETS: BOOM – Rhapsody Banglest in Crisp
EARRINGS:  Kraftika – No 127 Earrings
NECKLACE:  Fuel – Diamond cross ( Long )
SHOES: N-core – ETERNITY XtremeHeel in Black


Today’s Song:
Lady Gaga – Paparazzi

We are the crowd
We’re c-coming out
Got my flash on it’s true
Need that picture of you
It’s so magical
We’d be so fantastico

Leather and jeans
Garage glamorous
Not sure what it means
But this photo of us
It don’t have a price
Ready for those flashing lights
‘Cause you know that baby


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